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We offer several different level of rebuilds as per customer requirement, complete tear down and  rebuilding of  the machine, replacing all parts and components, new central pneumatic lubrication, new electrical panel with PLC and inverters, or semiautomatic machine to be converted in a fully automatic machine in order to increase the output and to decrease the operators, or machine to be upgraded by clutch conversion, central pneumatic lubrication system, customized guard package, conversion of PLC to newer or more efficient technology which is a fast and cheap way to increase efficiency, longevity and most important, safety of the machine.

A significant proportion of the machines are fully rebuilt by our engineers and adapted to suit the customer’s exact requirement, a proportion of the machines being in good working order they do not need a complete rebuilding but a complete overhauling, therefore we use to keep the main parts which are in good working order and use to replace a few parts, if necessary using original spare parts, having a full check up of the machine.

All our customers are invited to visit our facility at any time in order to check the progress of the works and not only to observe but also to contribute to the project on the basis of mutual satisfaction, on machine ready for delivery we use to invite our customers to attend a working trial at our workshop, it guarantees that machine leave our workshop in perfect working order.